Blue Star Taxis Mobile App

Blue Star Mobile App

Go where you want, when you want

Blue Star Taxis App connects you with our drivers all over Christchurch. Drop the pin for your location and destination, choose when you would like to be picked up and book your taxi.

Available on Android & iOS.

  • Pay by card or cash
  • Book in advance
  • Select vehicle size
  • Track nearby taxis

Booking with Blue Star just got easier

With the improved booking system you can now track your drivers estimated arrival time. Simply enter your pick up location and destination, vehicle size and choose when you want a ride. Pay by cash or card with the app.

Step 1

Download the app and create your account to book rides

Account Mobile App

Step 2

Drop a pin or enter your location to be picked up from

Account Mobile App

Step 3

Enter your destination by searching the location or dropping a pin

Account Mobile App

Step 4

Select the date & time to book your ride, for best results book in advance

Account Mobile App

Step 5

For larger groups, you can select up to 11 passengers

Account Mobile App

Step 6

Confirm your ride and monitor the driver progress

Account Mobile App


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